Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cape Town Launch

Yesterday evening was the Cape Town launch at the Alternative Information Development Centre (AIDC) in Observatory.  It was a great setting as the Centre does social justice organizing and education.  It was most special for me because people I interviewed, colleagues, and long-time Cape Town friends and even some of their children turned out for the event.  Of course, there were also people I didn't know who participated.  Different than the Johannesburg launch, this was open-ended with me being the oral historian and interviewees like Myrtle Berman, Judith Head, Gonda Perez, Pallo Jordan, and Ronnie Kasrils both telling stories about Ruth and Joe and analyzing their writings, ideas, and actions.  Other people spoke and asked questions and the evening had the spirit of the book -- stories and analysis on the extraordinary, revolutionary lives of Ruth First and Joe Slovo.

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